Basic Facts Games
**Tutpup** - practice your basic facts on tutpup
Bite Size Numeracy - Bitesize Level 1

Addition Fun - can solve addition facts by dragging shapes to match

Balloon pop - subtraction, pop the balloons to see how many are left

Fun Addition Games - addition games like jetski addition, tugboat addition, and alien addition.

**Fun Subtracion Games** - subtraction games like minus mission, rabbit takeaway, and island chase.

Counting Games

Count with Lecky - Count and Catch the Balloons

Count the number of things on the screen and enter the number

Count the fish -click on the number of fish

Matching Games

Fish Tank - Catch the fish to go in the bowl. Match the numbers

Ladybird maths - match the spots on the ladybird to the number on the leaf

String of beads - match the colour pattern

What number comes Next / Before

Numbers to twenty - drag and drop the number words into the right order

Numbers- The player has to move a frog across a pond always using the next highest number.

T Shirts - Hang the T shirts on the line in order

Other Games

Completing the Pattern - Finish the pattern by clicking on the correct colour